Starting a business is an interesting and exciting endeavor but also usually encounters matters that can be problematic and stressful. Every business owner should have a trusted advisor at the planning stage to answer important questions like:

What is the proper entity type for operating my business?

There are a number of business entities available:

  • limited liability companies
  • proprietorships
  • corporations
  • professional corporations
  • partnerships
  • limited liability partnerships

Jeff has advised hundreds of clients on the various factors at work in picking which entity to choose to operate their business, and he can advise you on the range of issues that affect which entity would best fit your business.

What are the tax consequences of each entity?

Consulting with tax experts is an important part of strategic planning. Jeff has an extensive network of these professionals with whom he has worked extensively, ready to assist with this aspect of your business formation and operation.

How do I form the entity once I have decided the appropriate one for my business?

For over twenty-five years, Jeff has worked with countless clients to prepare all of the necessary documents, applications, filings, and other items necessary and/or relevant to business formation. With this depth of experience, Jeff can readily advise you and assist you with completing these matters in an efficient and problem-free way.

What about agreements among founders, shareholders, and officers of my business?

Documenting relationships among owners, including founders, shareholders, and officers, is a necessary part of properly forming and operating a business. Jeff has worked with businesses for decades and in a wide variety of situations so he has the expertise and knowledge to help your business formalize these relationships. He can also assist your business with buy-sell agreements, stock options, indemnity agreements, and similar agreements.