Do you plan to lease the space where your business is conducted and you want to know whether the lease terms are appropriate? Jeffrey Miller can help. For over thirty years, Jeff has drafted, reviewed, analyzed, and negotiated commercial leases for hundreds of clients.

The contents of the lease are critical for a small business because the terms and conditions of the lease can significantly affect both the profitability and the ultimate value of the business. This is yet another aspect of operating a business that can be made easier when you have a trusted business attorney like Jeff working for you.

Here are some of the ways Jeff can help your business:

Commercial Leasing Matters

Jeff can:

  • Assist both landlords and prospective tenants with planning, drafting, and executing commercial leases for the premises on which your business will be conducted
  • Advise you in situations where an injury or a loss has occurred on your business’ premises, and the steps you need to take regarding the injury or the loss
  • Help you execute a commercial sublease, or help you with the process of assigning your commercial lease to a new tenant
  • Help you renew your lease, or terminate your lease if and when the business environment changes

Purchase and Sale of Commercial Property

If you are considering the purchase of a commercial property for your business or if you are thinking of selling a commercial property, Jeff has an extensive network of real estate attorneys, brokers, and other professionals who are ready to assist you with negotiating and executing your purchase or sale.